Category: Fantasy

  • Good Riddance, 2015

    Good Riddance 2015 (Do Better, 2016!)

    “Good Riddance 2015” – or “Do Better, 2016!” The past year saw fit to take away some living legends, including two personal friends of Death himself. Of course, years have to go somewhere when they die, too, so I’d like to think 2015 will pay dearly for its mistakes when […]

  • One Way Out

    One Way Out

    “One Way Out” – We all know the tale – in the days when the Minoans ruled the Aegean, the Labyrinth of Knossos was the lair of the Minotaur, Asterion, son of Queen Pasiphae and step-son of King Minos. The tale often claims that the way into the Labyrinth was […]

  • Guardians of Eden

    Guardians of Eden

    Guardians of Eden – or “Lucy’s Triumph” – in which our famous ancestor Lucy gets the job done whilst her male companion gets distracted. Prompted by this fascinating article about how we always underestimate the sophistication of ancient civilisations – to the point of pretending that their buildings ‘prove’ prehistoric […]

  • Science vs. Fiction

    Science vs Fiction

    Science vs. Fiction, or Gigantoraptor vs. Jabberwock. This is why I love science. It can prove that one of these creatures existed, millions of years ago in what is now the Gobi Desert. It can’t prove that the other one didn’t exist. Okay, so there’s no evidence that it did, […]

  • Herne the Hunter

    Herne the Hunter

    Herne the Hunter, or The Green Man, if you will. This has been my avatar for quite a while, as an earlier version of it was one of the first 3d scenes I rendered, several years ago. It is, of course, inspired by an image from the 1980s TV series […]