Category: Sci-Fi

  • Merry Sithmas!

    Merry Sithmas!

    “Merry Sithmas!” – Well, it had to be done. As the Jedi become the latest in a long line of religions to attempt to rebrand the midwinter Solstice, Lord Vader finally finds the droids he was looking for.

  • Bring It.

    Bring It.

    “Bring It.” – Vorlon vs. Xenomorph may just be the ultimate cross-franchise alien face-off. Or maybe that’s how the Shadows came into existence? Either way, the concept of a half-Vorlon Xenomorph doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • Guardians of Eden

    Guardians of Eden

    Guardians of Eden – or “Lucy’s Triumph” – in which our famous ancestor Lucy gets the job done whilst her male companion gets distracted. Prompted by this fascinating article about how we always underestimate the sophistication of ancient civilisations – to the point of pretending that their buildings ‘prove’ prehistoric […]