Another Way Out (2017)

“One Way Out” – We all know the tale – in the days when the Minoans ruled the Aegean, the Labyrinth of Knossos was the lair of the Minotaur, Asterion, son of Queen Pasiphae and step-son of King Minos. The tale often claims that the way into the Labyrinth was the only way out. Not so. Asterion was the other way out.

A little experiment with Daz Studio’s “real lighting” iRay rendering, done for my Cthulhu Invictus campaign. Hence the Atlantean shield designs…

Update June 2017: Another Way Out? So, I was never really happy with that image – too dark, for one thing. As noted, it was an experiment with a new lighting system and as I learned more about that, I saw more mistakes. Various bits of pose and composition niggled too, so I’ve finally updated it. I’m much happier with the new version (above), especially as the visible flame is actually emitting light in this scene – and it’s about the right amount for a physical burning brand of that size. Most of the rest of the lighting is provided by two similar wall-mounted torches that aren’t visible in this shot.

There’s just one spotlight – roughly modelled on a hand-held flaming torch, but a lot brighter – to create the horned shadow behind the minotaur. Whilst that’s not entirely realistic, it’s artistic license rather than a mistake. If I was worried about absolute realism, I wouldn’t depict minotaurs, after all…

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