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  • Sugar & Spice

    Sugar & Spice

    “Sugar & Spice” — Reverend and Mrs. Sweet were determined that their daughter would grow up to be a nice little girl, made of “sugar and spice, and all things nice.” Sugar and her little friend had other ideas.

  • The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt

    The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt

    The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt – or, “Not yet, idiot – wait ’till they find you!” Alternate Easter Bunny is busy preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt but has trouble with one of his minions during the eclipse. Inspired by “Freaky Friday” – the hyper-rare conjunction of an eclipse visible […]

  • O, Fortuna!

    O, Fortuna!

    “O, Fortuna!” – Fortuna, imperatrix mundi, the two-faced god Janus awaits beyond the veil. What mask have you for him to wear this year? Happy 2015, everyone! May fortune smile on you and yours more than ever this year.

  • New England Gothic

    New England Gothic

    New England Gothic – A Hallowe’en 2014 render inspired by Grant Woods’ famous “American Gothic“. Hope I’ve done HPL justice here…

  • A Brumalian Wish

    A Brumalian Wish

    A Brumalian Wish – a festive render inspired by the eponymous Yuletide poem by H. P. Lovecraft, who is hopefully recognisable in the picture: A Brumalian Wish From the damnable shadows of madness, From the corpse-ridden hollow of Weir, Comes a horrible message of gladness, And a ghost-guided poem of […]

  • Why So Serious?

    Why So Serious?

    Why So Serious? – a render that I was hoping to complete for Hallowe’en 2013, inspired by the recent Batman trilogy, though it took the Great Norfolk Clown Epidemic a few weeks later to prompt me to finish it (no, seriously…). One of those ‘had-to-be-done’ images.