• Sugar & Spice

    Sugar & Spice

    “Sugar & Spice” — Reverend and Mrs. Sweet were determined that their daughter would grow up to be a nice little girl, made of “sugar and spice, and all things nice.” Sugar and her little friend had other ideas.

  • Good Riddance, 2015

    Good Riddance 2015 (Do Better, 2016!)

    “Good Riddance 2015” – or “Do Better, 2016!” The past year saw fit to take away some living legends, including two personal friends of Death himself. Of course, years have to go somewhere when they die, too, so I’d like to think 2015 will pay dearly for its mistakes when […]

  • Merry Sithmas!

    Merry Sithmas!

    “Merry Sithmas!” – Well, it had to be done. As the Jedi become the latest in a long line of religions to attempt to rebrand the midwinter Solstice, Lord Vader finally finds the droids he was looking for.

  • One Way Out

    One Way Out

    “One Way Out” – We all know the tale – in the days when the Minoans ruled the Aegean, the Labyrinth of Knossos was the lair of the Minotaur, Asterion, son of Queen Pasiphae and step-son of King Minos. The tale often claims that the way into the Labyrinth was […]

  • I Hear Ya Got A Troll Problem?

    I Hear Ya Got A Troll Problem?

    “I Hear Ya Got A Troll Problem?” – Very much ‘just a bit of fun,’ as a quick response to some social media comments. Inspired also by the African Grey parrot that rules our house, who – being a rescued bird – is the sweetest little psycho you ever did […]

  • Calmer Chameleon

    Calmer Chameleon

    Calmer Chameleon — this one comes with its own earworm, so I just had to get it out of my head. Click the image for the full picture.

  • Easter Bunny Struggled With Retirement…

    The Easter Bunny Struggled With Retirement

    The Easter Bunny Struggled With Retirement… – After years of decades of dedication and service, all he got was a stupid gold watch telling him how late he was. Oh, and his own private paradise island. “Relax and soak up the sun,” they said. It wasn’t fair. He wasn’t ready […]

  • The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt

    The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt

    The Wild (Easter Egg) Hunt – or, “Not yet, idiot – wait ’till they find you!” Alternate Easter Bunny is busy preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt but has trouble with one of his minions during the eclipse. Inspired by “Freaky Friday” – the hyper-rare conjunction of an eclipse visible […]

  • O, Fortuna!

    O, Fortuna!

    “O, Fortuna!” – Fortuna, imperatrix mundi, the two-faced god Janus awaits beyond the veil. What mask have you for him to wear this year? Happy 2015, everyone! May fortune smile on you and yours more than ever this year.

  • Keeper of the Dead

    Keeper of the Dead

    Keeper of the Dead — Anubis, of course. Experimenting with a more dynamic composition, a variety of light types, and the ‘Anu-bot’ from Guardians of Eden. The wide format and darkness loses a lot of detail at this page width, so please click the image for a larger version.

  • New England Gothic

    New England Gothic

    New England Gothic – A Hallowe’en 2014 render inspired by Grant Woods’ famous “American Gothic“. Hope I’ve done HPL justice here…

  • Bring It.

    Bring It.

    “Bring It.” – Vorlon vs. Xenomorph may just be the ultimate cross-franchise alien face-off. Or maybe that’s how the Shadows came into existence? Either way, the concept of a half-Vorlon Xenomorph doesn’t bear thinking about.